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About Us

All Kinds of Parties!


(Except Kiddie Parties.)  Sorry, we specialize in adult-aged celebrations.

Our experience, equipment, and passion for a good time is what drives us.

"Turn down for what?" - Exactly.

Great Music


Music is everything.  The right song played at the right moment means everyone has a good time.  Your Emcee watches audience reaction and makes decision based on what's happening.  It's like riding a wild bull, very few can hang on... we do.

Great Gear


You may not be too familiar with these brands, but professionals are. We use the same brands everyone from Paul McCartney to Lady Gaga have been using on tour since the days of Woodstock. Then, we have back-ups of every component.

Experience Matters


We produce about 2,200 events each year with a staff of 23 entertainers. But for special occasions such as weddings, we have three DJ/Emcees.

Our standards and expectations for these once-in-a-lifetime events are as high as yours.  We invest between 35 and 50 hours planning and prepping for your special day.  We know how important it is to you and your guests that everything happens smoothly and beyond expectations.

We've been around since vinyl was king, but these days prefer the flexibility, speed, and agility of digital.  

When performing for a live crowd, last-second decisions can make all the difference in the world.

Our owner and main wedding DJ/Emcee, John Mixon, has more than a decade of on-air FM Radio experience as well as more than twice that in mobile entertainment experience. He has mixed sound at concerts for major national recording stars and as Front of House Technician in Houses of Worship since 1996.  He has also designed, created, and directed parade floats.  His experience in stage lighting, sound, special effects, and acting adds to his production and staging standards. 

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